Noteworthy Cases

  • $2.25 Million Settlement Wrongful Death
    $2.25 million dollar wrongful death settlement in a truck accident.
  • Not Guilty by Jury Verdict Rape
    Not Guilty Jury Verdict on Rape Felony 1, Summit County, Judge Mary Margaret Rowlands.
  • All Charges Dismissed Rape and Kidnapping

    All eight counts in the indictment, which included two counts of life rape, attempted rape, and kidnaping involving two alleged victims, were all completely dismissed right before trial.

  • Charge Dismissed Rape
    Dismissal of Rape and Gross Sexual Imposition charges against young boy, Mahoning County Juvenile Court.
  • Charge Dismissed Rape
    Dismissal of Rape charges against a young boy, Mahoning County Juvenile Court.
  • Not Guilty by Jury Verdict Assault
    Not Guilty Jury Verdict on Felonious Assault and Aggravated Assault, Mahoning County, Judge Maureen Sweeney.
  • $975,000 Settlement Auto Accident
    $975,000.00 settlement for a woman severely injured in an auto accident with a commercial carrier
  • Not Guilty by Jury Verdict Implication in Ponzi Scheme
    Client implicated in Ponzi scheme - found Not Guilty at Jury Trial.
  • $800,000 Settlement Motorcycle Accident
    Motorcycle accident with permanent injuries.
  • Not Guilty by Jury Verdict Assault
    Not Guilty Jury Verdict on Felonious Assault, Mahoning County, Judge Maureen Sweeney
  • $635,000 Settlement Personal Injury Auto Accident
    Woman severely injured in an auto accident with a commercial driver
  • Not Guilty by Jury Verdict Domestic Violence
    Not Guilty Jury Verdict for Domestic Violence in Youngstown Municipal Court, Judge Robert Milich.
  • $250,000 Awarded to Family Wrongful Death
    A young man killed in mining accident.
  • Not Guilty by Jury Verdict Assault
    Client charged with Assault. Mutual combat found resulting in a Not Guilty verdict.
  • $228,000.00 Jury Verdict Stark Drunk Driving
    $228,000.00 Jury Verdict Stark County; Loss of consortium award only to Mother of 28-year-old son killed on bike by drunk driver.
  • Not Guilty by Jury Verdict OVI
    Not Guilty Verdict for Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence (OVI) in Mahoning County Court #4 (Austintown).
  • $155,000 Defective Products
    Settlement for personal injury involving defective heavy equipment.
  • Dismissed/ Reduced Attempted Murder/Domestic Violence
    Attempted Murder F1 and Domestic Violence M1 dismissed, Felonious Assault F2 amended to Domestic Violence F4, straight probation.
  • $68,000 Settlement Dog Bite
    Dog bite resulting in facial scars
  • Charges Dismissed Trafficking
    Trafficking in Cocaine F1 and Possession of Cocaine F2.
  • $60,000 Settlement Car Accident
    $60,000.00 Settlement of disputed liability car accident, broken ribs, laceration on face/scar, single female.
  • Case Dismissed OVI
    OVI Second Offense and OVI Refusal with Prior within 20, Motion to Suppress granted
  • $25,000 Settlement Product Liability
    $25,000.00 Settlement of disputed liability of man injured at a gym causing one-week hospitalization.
  • Dismissal of OVI OVI Charge
    Motor vehicle accident resulting in OVI charge due to signs of intoxication, diabetic issue resulting in dismissal of OVI charge, Austintown, Ohio.
  • Charges Dismissed Theft
    Theft M1 and Failure to Inform M1, Defendant had to forfeit his CCW during period of probation; Charges dismissed, Defendant gets to keep CCW permit and gun.
  • Charge Dismissed Felonious Assault
    Coordinated polygraph test which lead to a complete dismissal of all charges, including the dismissal of the Civil Protection Order, Trumbull County, Ohio.
  • Prevented Charges Rape
    High school rape investigation, prevented charges being filed.
  • Charge Dismissed Disorderly Conduct
    Alleged pre-school parking lot "kidnapping" of child by mother and aunt; Felonious Assault amended to Disorderly Conduct M4, Inducing Panic charge dismissed, Mahoning County, Judge John Durkin.
  • Charges Avoided Charges Avoided
    Prominent physician falsely accused of sexual assault during a routine examination. All criminal charges were avoided after vigorous investigation!
  • Criminal Charges Were Prevented Aggressive Investigation
    College student accused of rape. After an aggressive investigation into the matter, all criminal charges were prevented from being filed.
  • Charge Dismissed Rape

    Rape - Case dismissed at Trial level - In Juvenile Court

  • Prevented Charges being filed Rape
    Proactively assisted in juvenile investigation of Rape charges; Prevented charges being filed.
  • Charges Reduced Kidnapping/Theft
    Kidnapping, Aggravated Robbery, Multi. Counts reduced to One Domestic Violence, 90 days county jail, Austintown, Ohio.
  • Charges Dismissed Aggravated Robbery
    Dismissal of Aggravated Robbery and Gun Specification Charges in Mahoning County Juvenile Court.
  • Charges Dismissed Aggravated Robbery and Kidnapping
    Dismissal of Aggravated Robbery and Kidnapping charges against a 17-year-old boy after uncovering multiple untruthful and unreliable witness statements.
  • Charge Dismissed Assault
    Dismissal of assault charge stemming from a bar fight.
  • Charge Dismissed Domestic Violence
    Domestic violence against wife was dismissed and gun returned.
  • Reduced Sentence Sexual Assault
    Felony Gross Sexual Imposition reduced to misdemeanor Assault, probation and no sex offender registration.
  • Reduced Sentence Assault
    False claim made by bar patron of an assault with a truck and drunk driving. Overzealous police investigation. Felonious Assault (F2) reduced to minor misdemeanor, OVI and Obstructing dismissed
  • One Charge Dismissed and One Reduced Assault
    Physical argument between father and daughter. Felonious Assault (F2) dismissed and Domestic Violence (F3) reduced to a misdemeanor Domestic Violence.
  • Charges Dismissed Failure to Comply
    State vs. Sexton
  • Felony Trafficking Reduced to Misdemeanor Felony Trafficking
    Trafficking in Marijuana (F3) reduced to Possession of a Dangerous Drug (M1). Defendant sentenced to 1-year non-reporting probation and $150 fine.
  • Case Dismissed Firearms

    2 counts of Improper Discharge of a Firearm (F2), Having Weapons Under Disability (F3), and Criminal Damaging. All charges dismissed on the day of trial. Notice of Alibi filed resulting in State's witness not attending trial.

  • Not Guilty by Jury Verdict Felonious Assault/Assault

    Felonious Assault on police officer - first-degree Felony, Assault on police officer - fourth-degree Felony. Found not guilty by a jury verdict.

    Mahoning County - Judge Donofrio

  • Not Guilty by Jury Verdict Gross Sexual Imposition

    Gross Sexual Imposition - third-degree Felony. Found not guilty by a jury verdict.

    Columbiana County - Judge Bickerton