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  • Top law firm in Ohio

    I hired attorney Edward Hartwig on my case involving petty theft. I am a medical student, so this charge on my record would have completely ruined my career. I have never been in a situation where I needed an attorney, but upon speaking with Edward, I knew I wanted him to represent me. I do not live in the state, so my main form of communication was through email, which Simonne, the paralegal, helped to answer any questions I had in a very timely manner. They were very knowledgable and helped explain all my options and the possible outcomes of my case. I am very fortunate that with Edward's help my case was dropped/dismissed and my future is not at stake. I truly recommend Edward to anyone looking for a dedicated individual to represent them. He and his team will surely do their best to work on your case and give you results you want.

  • His dedication, knowledge of law and trustworthiness is truly a special gift

    There are so many outstanding attributes to speak of with regards to Attorney Edward Hartwig, First and foremost his diligence to his clients well being speaks volumes. His dedication, knowledge of law and trustworthiness is truly a special gift. His staff is professional, courteous and extremely competent in every aspect. Attorney Edward Hartwig is an outstanding lawyer; I know this first hand because he represented us. Thank you.

  • Best Lawyer Out There

    Attorney Hartwig is one of the best lawyers out there. He is very knowledgeable with the laws and will get you the justice and right outcome that you deserve. Having him by my side was the best thing ever. His prices are amazing and they allow you to make payments that are easy and affordable. If you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, Edward Hartwig is your guy!

  • A stand up attorney who knows what he's doing

    I needed a lawyer who would fight for my rights and not just charge me a lot of money only to say take this deal.my rights was violated and frank fought for justice for me and won.he not only a good attorney,he's a good guy.

  • Kind, Caring and Supportive

    Negotiated a settlement where the most likely outcome would have been innocent however the cost to do so would have been a far more expensive than accepting the settlement. Attorney Hartwig was very active in the intervention very informed and took the time to explain things fully and properly I found him and his staff to be very kind caring and supportive and I would be willing to recommend him to anyone. I found a tiny hard way to be sincere and honest individual that truly cares about his clients and the proper outcome for the situation which they were dealing with. With this review I'd like to include that I say blessings and prayers for him and his friend they succeed or they are truly individuals that care for the Common Man and I thank him for that. May God bless him and his Staff!

  • Intelligent and strategic

    April Rose Grabman represented me in a trial. Words cannot describe how intelligent and strategic she is. She instilled in me the confidence I never had, despite knowing for a fact that I never committed a crime I was wrongly accused of. She has the definite skills and a sound knowledge of the law to be recognized as one of the best criminal defense attorneys. I would highly recommend her to any client out there, irrespective of the severity of your case. April is one to talk to, she is one who does not only hear you, she also listens and gives the best possible advice on how to go about your case. She analyzes the situation and she is very upfront on what she believes would work out, invariably she is not one to give false hope. Do not hesitate to contact her and I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. Thank you April Grabman I sincerely appreciate the zeal and effort you put in my case.

  • Got my life back on track

    I have to say that attorney Hartwig helped me get my life back in order by getting my case expunged so that I'm able to get a better standard of job opportunity. He and his staff are very kind and informative in their duties. He is very down to earth and a fighter for justice. I would recommend him to anyone that is in trouble and in need of his services.

  • Absolute best and blessed in everything he does

    Mr hartwig did a miraculous job on my devensive case. I was facing falonious assult charges and with all the time and hard work that he but into my case alls i got was a misdomeanor 4 on my record for one year and after the year he is going to get it exponged. So i can go back to my sqeeky clean life. Since this was my first time ever getting involved with the law mr hartwig was very patient with explaining every detail to me. He is very polite and patient. He took my calls/text no matter when or what. He answered my questions with great knowledge and he was very upftont with me explaining everything. I never once felt like he was losing his patients or just telling me what i wanted to hear. He did an amazing job at my preliminary hearing. Mr hartwig surely does his homework and knows how to do his job on a professional level. He is a very blessed attorney and he knows his stuff when it comes time to use it. He did other amazing things for me like got me excused from coming to some of my hearings because I lived 4 hours away from the mahoning county court house. He always acknowledge me when i did have to appear. He was polite and would go over things with me before we had to face the judge and always asked me if i understand everything. He truely is an amazing attorney and very blessed at the work he does. I believe God works threw him for those who believe. Mr hartwig i will never forget you and your an angel sent from God. You are definitly doing what God called u to do. Keep up the blessings. Always remember pray about everything worry about nothing (philippians 4:6), because mr hartwig has got your back he wont let you down. God bless to you all. P.S. mr hatwig has a great secretary, samon. Im sure she plays a big roll in how great and sucessful he and his office is. ;)

  • I consider myself very fortunate to have found an attorney as hard working and concern for my well being and willing to drive to my place to explain my legal recourse.

    After being released from St. Elizabeth's in Youngstown a family member recommend attorney Hartwig after reviewing him online. I called his office and talked with Simonne. A paralegal which was very nice and I explained my accident and how I was unable to drive for the time being because of no vehicle and recovery at the time. To my surprise she asked it would be alright for attorney Hartwig to stop by my place? I couldn't believe that an attorney would make a house call like that. I gave my information to her and sure enough attorney Edward Hartwig stop by my place to explain my options and how I wanted to proceed forward. I consider myself very fortunate to have found an attorney as hard working and concern for my well being and willing to drive to my place to explain my legal recourse. Attorney explain the action we would take and the process it's self. Warning how long it may take. If your looking for a great attorney that actually cares about his clients please look no further! Attorney Hartwig is the attorney your looking for that will get you everything that you have coming! Thank you again attorney Hartwig


  • I would highly recommend them to anyone. FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY !!!

    Mr. Hartwig was completely dedicated, compassionate, determined & attentive to my case. I have never been in a situation where I needed an attorney, but upon speaking & meeting with Mr. Hartwig, I knew he was the right attorney & hired him immediately for my case. He is very honest & highly intelligent. He's straight forward through the whole process. He always had my best interest & career first and always held it to be important in this matter. Mr. Hartwig also had Attorney Frank Cassese on my case as well. Simonne also helped to answer any questions I had & always called me to remind me of specific dates & kept me updated with everything. They are very knowledgeable & helped me in every way possible. I am very fortunate to have him as an attorney & completely grateful to Mr. Hartwig & Mr. Cassese for all of their hard work, dedication & respect they have shown my dad & I. With Ed & Frank's help on my case, the verdict came back as not guilty & my future is not at stake due to being in EMS/FIRE. I truly recommend Attorneys Mr. Edward Hartwig & Mr. Frank Cassese to anyone looking for the best attorneys & individuals to represent them. He and his team will surely do everything & their best to work on your case & give you results you want. i could have not have asked for better attorneys then Mr. Hartwig & Mr. Cassese. They are the best & I could never thank them enough for everything they have done as well as Simmone for all her help. I would highly recommend them to anyone. FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY !!!


  • I can't tell you how grateful I am for Ed

    I can't tell you how grateful I am for Ed. He helped my sister make it through a terrible time in her life. He was stable, confident and worked every angel to make she was delivered from her enemies. We got above and beyond what we ever thought possible. I can tell you from experience that he was totally for her and worked hard to make it happen. So please don't get anxious about moving fast. Good results takes time and he will give everything he has to you. You want a victory. It's in him and worth every penny!!!! God has given him the heart and annoiting for this job. It takes an anointing for this job because this job takes a special person. Please consider him and his team, they will work hard for you. Praise The Lord for people like them.

  • Excellent lawyer

    I highered Mr.Hartwig after an OVI. Mr. Hartwig was very professional and helpful I could call at any time even on the weekends and he would answer any questions that I had. He gave me everything I needed to help my case and did everything he could to get the charge dropped to a physical control. I would recommend him to anyone.

  • If you are looking for a lawyer, I highly recommend Mr. Edward Hartwig.

    In 2014 alot of unfortunate events happened. My children were taken from me and (thankfully) placed with family. I was charged with child endangerment and unruliness of a child. Mr. Hartwig was called by recommendation. Mr. Hartwig is very professional, prompt and cares. His staff was very courteous and efficient. Not only did Mr. Hartwig help fight to bring my children back to me but my charges were dropped to disorderly conduct. It was such a hard time in mine and my family's life but Mr. Hartwig helped so much! I hired Mr. Hartwig again for an expungment in October of 2015. The court hearing was this month and everything went very smoothly. If you are looking for a lawyer, I highly recommend Mr. Edward Hartwig.

  • Amazing in all aspects

    Mr. Hartwig is honest, straight forward and committed to your case he took my call on his way home from mothers day brunch with his family. He gave me sound legal advice before i even retained him. I was charged with 3 felonies involving drug trafficking and could have been taken to federal court. Mr. Hartwig not only got me a deal my case did not even leave common pleas court. If your looking for a criminal defense attorney that can get you to a livable outcome in your case in Mahoning county Ed Hartwig is your man.

  • Beyond anything we could imagine

    My family could not be happier for the service we received April was 100% the best attorney in our case we are not used to being in court but her expertise and how she just knew how to help us was beyond anything we could imagine we are so thankful its hard to put into words thank you sososo much

  • Amazing!

    Frank represented me when I was going through a tough time and was charged with two OVI's over 3 days. He did an excellent job and both OVI's were dismissed. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for an aggressive and bright lawyer. He was professionally dressed and was very personable. Hiring Frank was one of the best investments I have made.

  • I honestly have never had such a wonderful experience!

    I honestly have never had such a wonderful experience! After an accident my daughter and I were involved in my stress level was out of control from all the calls, bills and mounting mail . Attorney Hartwig was referred by my physician. I was leary about dealing with an Attorney. From our first appointment I felt my concerns and feelings were heard and answered. Communication throughout the process as well as education of what is required by law when dealing with issues of a minor. I would recommend Attorney Hartwig, let me not forget his awesome paralegal team for anyone looking for excellence and a trustworthy lawyer.

  • Outstanding Defense Attorney -- one-of-a-kind

    I want you to know how grateful we are to Attorney Hartwig for taking our case on such a short notice and the time and effort that he expended to negotiate a very successful conclusion. This was a very emotional experience for us and Attorney Hartwig prepared us for the process and helped us get thru this life changing experience. He is the consummate professional and the best Ohio has to offer.

  • Amazing Lawyer!!!!

    Attorney Hartwig is not only professional but truly caring as well. He is thorough, intelligent and a master at his craft. He was fair in his expenses as well as being straight forward and up front. There are no surprises. My particular case lasted a few years, but his knowledge and recollection of events never faltered. He truly fights for those he believes in. I was impressed by his composure and abilities during depositioning. He's fast on his feet and quick thinking. He is very prepared and it was obvious he is respected by his peers. He was also very available and never put me off or made me feel unimportant, even though I knew how busy he could be. I think very highly of his staff, they are truly wonderful and just as professional and thorough as he is. He fought for me and I won! But, more importantly his belief in me kept my spirits up during one of the hardest times in my life. I can't say enough about him and his staff. They are my Hero's!

  • He came to the hospital several times, had many of the bills reduced or eliminated and made me feel like I was his only client.

    I was in a severe motorcycle accident and attorney Hartwig took care of all my legal concerns. He came to the hospital several times, had many of the bills reduced or eliminated and made me feel like I was his only client. He was very prompt and professional. If/When I ever need an attorney, Attorney Ed Hartwig is my choice!


  • Great Lawyer

    Frank was referred to me by a family member and met with a free consultation. He could not take the case because it took place out of state but he gave excellent advice and referred me to a lawyer that ended up getting all of my charges withdrawn. Frank is very professional, personable, and dresses impressively.

  • Well prepared, extremely informative and down to earth!

    I used AVVO and another law referral website to locate an attorney in Ohio for the criminal defense of my son. Of the 5 attorneys I emailed, Attorney Hartwig was the 1st to respond - within about 20 minutes! I received only one other response. I wanted my son to talk to both of the attorneys that replied, but after a conversation with Attorney Hartwig, he said "that's the one!" He said he was very comfortable talking with Attorney Hartwig and knew he was the one for the case. Although we reside in PA and the charge was in OH, Attorney Hartwig and his excellent staff kept us very well informed. On the day of the hearing, Attorney Hartwig arrived prepared and instantly put us at ease. He handled everything before we even entered the courtroom and the results were better than we'd ever expected! One of the best things about Attorney Hartwig was his caring and down to earth nature. He is definitely someone you can talk to that understands no one is perfect. I felt his fee was quite reasonable and he was willing to work with us financially as well. I honestly don't know what we'd have done without him and his caring staff! I highly recommend Hartwig Law!!

  • Compassionate.Blessed.Genuine

    Attorney Hartwig represented me for my child custody case brought on by my daughters father. This was a very emotional case for me, as my daughters safety was at stake. Attorney Hartwig made me feel as if I was his only client. The level of professionalism and genuine care can not be put into words. April and Simonne were always there for any questions or concerns I had. The outcome was exactly what I hoped for and I will be forever grateful for what he did for me.

  • Very Professional

    Hired attorney Hartwig to write our wills and was handled very professionally. We would also recommend attorney Hartwig to our friends without hesitation.

  • Genuinely Cares

    Earlier in the year, I made he biggest mistake and committed a petty theft crime. When I was caught, I already knew what kind of trouble I was in because I knew that any kind of record could greatly jeopardize my career choice. I was very scared, worried and unsure of what to do. After doing a bit of research on local criminal defense attorneys, I found attorney Hartwig. I read reviews from other people who had committed even more harsher crimes than I and he managed to get them out of some pretty awful situations. After calling his office and speaking to his very sweet paralegal, Simone, I knew that I was going to be in good hands. Hartwig and Simone were both very helpful, informative and assuring. They provided answers and comfort I could not get anywhere else. They provided step by step directions on what to do, say and act regarding my case and hearings. Because of attorney Hartwig, I feel like I have been given a second chance at my future and able to better my life. He genuinely does care about you and your well being. He is always available too! Here were many moments when I had questions or concerns that I needed to speak to him about and he was quick to respond and help me understand. I cannot stress how wonderful attorney Hartwig and his team are. Also, for those who struggle financially, he is affordable. Not only does he cost significantly less than other attorneys I have contacted, but he works out payment plans with you! Attorney Hartwig was working hard on my case even before I made my first payment towards my balance. That's when I knew I trusted the right attorney with my case. I will forever be thankful for him and his team! I highly recommend him to anyone who needs someone on their side.

  • Best Lawyer out there!

    Attorney Hartwig is nothing short of an excellent lawyer with great natural abilities. He is a very personal lawyer and has your best interest no matter what the charges may be. He is very affordable and will work with you on the price. He took my impossible case to win and turned it into a winning case. He is an amazing person and lawyer. Attorney Hartwig you are a 5 star lawyer without a doubt.

  • Very pleased with the services & representation

    I had a couple cases with Ed Hartwig, he was very generous with the payments, very flexible. His secretary & himself took very good care of me. Very pleased with the services & representation.

  • Long story short I am very happy that I let him defend me.

    My husband hired him for me after a complicated DUI charge I received. My husband chose to find me a lawyer because of a bad experience we had with a previous lawyer I hired. I was very skeptical of lawyers after the bad experience, but my husband insisted. Long story short I am very happy that I let him defend me. I am a nurse so felt my lively hood was on the line. He had the other charges dismissed and it was reduced to a reckless op. I am very grateful for his services. Great lawyer.

  • I would highly recommend him

    Mr. Hartwig did an excellent job Iam very please with his work! I would highly recommend him

  • Loss for words

    It all started with a night of celebration. My husband and I and our friends went out dancing. Later that night we were hungry so we stopped at sheets. My husband and I started getting into a dumb argument that neither one of us remember due to all the alcohol consumed that night. The argument got pretty heated which ended up leading to me slapping my husband across the face. The cops were called by the sheets manager seconds later cops arrived. Not really asking any questions, just reviewing the tape they had, they took me away handcuffed. I was taken to jail. My husband got the money together and bailed me out the next morning. My husband and I shaking, started crying. We both knew what domestic violence was about due to people in the past we knew of being convicted. My husband made it very clear to the police that night he did not want to press charges, but the state was pressing charges against me. We google'd the best criminal attorneys in the area. Attorney Hartwig's law firm was the first to appear. Then I went in for the first meeting and explained my career and life are on the line and I hold 3 state medical license's and a CCW permit. He put me right at ease and we talked for awhile. Then it was time for the pre trial. Btw, it didn't even get to a trial because attorney hartwig is so amazing. Let me explain what happened, I sit there with my husbands mom for about an hour, literally shaking waiting for my sentence, attorney hartwig walks in goes and does his thing comes out and says come with me for a second. He turns to my and says, "tarah everything is dismissed, everything is gone." He said "I told you to trust me, it would be okay." I left with my husband that day. Attorney Hartwig has in some aspects saved my life by saving my career and I could not thank his law firm enough!!!

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